Piano Tweets – Beautiful Music in 140 Notes

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So much can be said in 140 characters.  Twitter forces us to be concise.  But what about music?  The temptation is to play and play and play – too much; as if more will be better.  Hear the beauty expressed in 140 notes in compositions where each note counts.


Click on the picture to  hear a selection of “piano tweets”


A PianoTweet is a composition for piano at a maximum of 140 notes.
Like a usual tweet on Twitter, but Audio.
The music tells about my thoughts, reflections and emotions.
Sometimes an actuality or a news fact is picked as a subject.
A short introducing text is added to every piece of music.
Take the time to subscribe and follow “Piano Tweets” and have a new one delivered to you every day. You’re day will be much better for it.

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