Don’t Over-analyze! Get started now…

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You’ve thought – let’s get the kids a piano.  Heck, I’d like to have a piano.  So you start to look online for just the right instrument.  You buy a book that will help you find that “perfect” piano.  You find the addresses of all the local piano stores. And, the more you look the more confused you get.  Sure, you don’t want to get a junky instrument that is no fun to play, but resist the urge to wait and wait for the perfect one.

Here is a peek into one family’s life as told by Reb about how having a piano changed their lives.  I don’t know how long and hard they looked, but the point is their folks brought one into their home and their lives were forever changed – in part fot the better.

The Day The Piano Arrived

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“Without that piano, it’s questionable whether my brother Zach would be playing the title role in The Buddy Holly Story at Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre this …”

Don’t over-analyze.  Put a nice piano in your home and get started today.

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